At Pets In Balance Mobile Acupuncture, our goal is to improve the quality of life of patients by providing alternative and holistic treatment options for a wide variety of conditions.  By combining the best options from Western Veterinary Medicine, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and other holistic treatments, we seek to maximize health and the patient's sense of well-being.  Patients may benefit from this approach whether they are recovering from an injury, living with chronic disease, or in order to maintain good health.  

Services can be provided within in the comfort of the patient's home, or in a veterinary hospital. Many patients will be more relaxed in their home setting.  The more relaxed a patient is, the more responsive they will be to treatment.   If your pet is already hospitalized due to illness, patients will often make a more rapid and complete recovery with acupuncture and herbal medications or supplements.  

The best course of care for each patient will be determined after performing a thorough physical examination including medical history and determining the goals and needs of the patient, the owner, and in consultation with the pet's primary veterinarian.